Letter to Lulu // Dad to Daughter

The Proudest Papa at the Pomp & Circumstance.

Adam Nelson
2 min readJun 17, 2021
Lulu Scout Nelson & Adam Nelson // Southern Regional Graduation // 16 June 2021

Since the day of your birth, the treasure of my essence has always been found in your presence.

“Tempus fugit” is a lean Latin phrase that means: “Time Flies”

It’s an ancient expression meant to remind that our lives are defined by the irreversible flow of limited time.

Through the great gusts of your heroic history, you must hold onto every hope and dream. They should burn brightly in the daylight and through the dusk of your existence. On this day of Graduation, where you walk a final passage, away from the days of dandelions and into your destiny, the only clarity to consider is your own identity.

It is your time.

And in this vast and endless world of wants, it’s important to understand yourself so that you can become yourself.

Commencement signifies a new beginning. A butterfly becoming.

It takes you from the schoolyards to the boulevards. And in that transformational dust; Don’t settle. Be bold. Confidently courageous. Follow your heart and intuition. And never turn your back on the vibrant voice that floats within you. Like a photograph coming into focus, do not confuse movement with progress. Rather, be the heroine of your lifetime.

The gift of this vintage Tiffany timepiece is significant as it is no longer in production.

It’s singular. One of a kind. Just like you. Use it to make time and bend it to your will.

As you accomplish every second, know that your family will forever be the wind that breaks the howl of fear. We are a collective compass that guides. A council that comforts when you feel faint or falter. Unique air to empower and inspire your flight to great heights.

Today you truly stand on your own — taking on the full width of the world. Run towards time but always stay ahead of it.

As the great drunken poet Charles Bukowski famously mused:

“Find what you love and let it kill you.”

My heart is yours, always,

Proud Papa x